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How it works
For Creators
MetaOpus is a quality digital collectibles issuer & marketplace curated with the best creators worldwide to empower the future of art and collectibles for the metaverse. Creators need to set up a MetaMask wallet with ETH/BNB to mint an NFT - which means uploading their works to a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Creators are free to price their works in ETH/BNB and put them up for auction.  Creators can receive 85% of the final sale price of the first sale and receive 10% of any resale of the NFTs.
Become a creator
For Collectors
Anyone can create a profile to start collecting.  All you need is a MetaMask wallet and ETH/BNB to purchase the NFTs you like. Artists may list NFTs for aunction at a reserve price, and once the first bid is placed, a 24-hour auction countdown begins, or artists may set up a timed auction and you can bid anytime within the time limit. If a bid is placed within the last 15 minutes, the auction extends for another 15 minutes.  The artwork gets transferred to your wallet and appears on your collector profile when you win an auction and claim the NFT. 
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